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    Do ‘looks’ matter to YOU?

    Yes they do, and im tired of people denying it.....the first thing a person normally sees is the opposite gender's looks unless they use the internet to mask themselves first.... by using no picture or a fake picture of someone else..... Of course I will get the "you are so young", "that's so...
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    Internet, attention, illusions, hope and disappointment.

    lol you guys are hilarious :D
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    Internet, attention, illusions, hope and disappointment.

    Lol such angry people here.......... My theory holds true, and I am not narcissitic....I have no photos or inane posts on my social media proverbially put that in your pipe and smoke it.....muahahaha to be dismissed casually by ugly does not make me shed a tear....I will state...
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    A very good discussion on Bible history and relevance to modern end-times....
  5. razor17 back :D

    Well, hello everyone after an extended hiatus......the former ultimatum77 is back now as if you were a friend of ultimatum77 and would like to be his friend again...join the CULT OF ULT! (just kidding) but seriously do send a message or friend request, I am trying to remember...
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    need help/advice for dubai

    Hello, Are there any indians from dubai on CC that would be willing to help/advise me on relocating to dubai for a job? Any help would be welcome thanks! - razor17
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    Anyone who lives in dubai/uae....

    Hello, Is there anyone who lives in dubai/UAE who can help/give me advice on living there? Please PM me. Thanks.