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    Please pray for Colton

    Please pray for Colton that the Lord would send someone to share the Gospel with him and that his heart would be softened
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    Please pray for my family

    Pray for my sister Veronica and my brother in law Ricky. They're addicted to drugs and gambling and they have kids.
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    Please pray for Augie

    Please pray for Augie that the Lord would send witnesses to him to share the Gospel. That his heart would be softened and his eyes opened. That the Holy Spirit would convict him of his sin and his need for Jesus.
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    Update on Colton

    I tried to warn him and tell him he was going to end up alone. He tried to brush it off by replying"probably". Still I hope the Lord uses this to finally reach him. Colton has been through a lot and has hurts only the Lord can heal.
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    Update on Colton

    I don't think it contributed because he was the one who pushed me away and blocked me. Maybe one day we'll reconcile.
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    Update on Colton

    Unfortunately we had a falling out and we haven't spoken in two months. I pray that the Lord sends people his way who can communicate and reach him better than me.
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    Update on Colton

    Unfortunately no. That's something else I've been praying for . Hopefully the Lord will use this to draw Colton closer to Him.
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    Update on Colton

    No he was never a member here. He was my friend.
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    Update on Colton

    Praise God they got to Colton in time and he's ok
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    Emergency prayers

    Pray for Colton. He's planning on killing himself. This is a message he sent to a mutual. We don't have any way to check in with him
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    Pray for Aiden

    Please pray for Aiden, that the Lord would open opportunities to share the Gospel with him and that his heart would be softened and eyes opened.
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    Pray for Nick

    Please pray for Nick, that he would come to believe in Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
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    Emergency prayer request

    Another update on Colton. He's ok thank God.
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    Emergency prayer request

    Just a quick update. He deactivated his Twitter account and I have no way of knowing if he's ok or not.. God help us
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    Emergency prayer request

    Emergency prayer request for Colton. He's threatening suicide. I'm hoping he's bluffing like the last time he did this. I only know him online and I don't know his address or his family.. Please Lord help.him.