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    Met a guy online....need advice

    My post is old. I ended it a long time ago but thanks for your concern. God bless
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    Any Single Parents In The Room?

    That's great that you have a friend. I don't really have anyone.
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    Any Single Parents In The Room?

    My family is helpimg me raise him, but yes mostly by myself. His dad left before I gave birth. But I've moved on. Can't let the hurt consume me.
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    How to meet Christian singles

    T Amen. Seeking His will above my own. 🙏
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    Any Single Parents In The Room?

    What do you do when you feel lonely? Do you have friends to spend time with?
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    How to meet Christian singles

    Hi Brother! I'm in a similar situation. I feel a call on my life to pursue marriage, but there aren't any available men in my church. Especially in my age range. I believe the first and most important thing to do is pray about it. Ask the Lord to reveal his will for your life, and if...
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    Any Single Parents In The Room?

    I'm a parent who's currently not dating and never been married.
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    Lauren Daigle

    This is why we should not look at others but to Christ as THE example for how to live the Christian life. I'm sure these artists would say the same thing. "They are only human." Follow God, not man ☺
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    2019 super blood moon here we go again guys

    I think its ok to watch for the signs of the Lords return, but don't get "lost in the sauce". Lets stay in prayer and continue reading the Word as we wait for the Lord. Encourage one another, and fulfill the great commission by reach ing out to the lost.
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    Last person to post wins!!!

    Winner winner, chicken dinner 😁
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    Any Single Parents In The Room?

    I'm a single mom of one. My boy is 7 going on 13 (why do the little ones think they are grown😥) I don't have any single friends who are parents AND Christian. No one to talk to about the challenges of single parenthood as a Christian. So I just thought I'd start a chat for us. What's on your...
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    Myers-Briggs personality score I'm apparently INFP-T 😲
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    Myers-Briggs personality score

    Thank you☺ God bless you and yours as well🙏