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    Bible Study

    Study the Bible, Lead a biblical life, “The Bible” in twelve easy chapters, Apply scripture to your every-day strife. But something is amiss, It ends empty and wanting, We remain the same, Still hungry and panting. When finally we find, Scripture’s not the goal, But one of His means, To make...
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    From the Dust

    That what is not necessary, For us to know of salvation, Is God’s privileged domain, Not to be disturbed. Obedience and reverence forbid our inquiry, Yet some are passionate to know. But we please God most When we leave it alone. We should seek nothing but God’s Holy will To do less is vain...
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    Counting Costs

    Thank you Friend.
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    Baptism, Born again, what's the connection?

    Romans 6:3-8 There is no clearer statement.
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    Lynx thinks

    Have I missed something? Have I not heard You correctly? Have I just been lazy? You wrote this with me in mind....I know you did! Great work.
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    The "uneducated" Bible Thread

    Unlike most people in church, I was not raised in a Christian home. My father was raised a strict Roman Catholic but fled the church at his first opportunity. He rarely shared his faith but did say he could not accept a god who would send someone to hell for not joining the church. He did...
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    who am I?

    I had to read this several times. There is pain here. We want so much to have some ending encouragement, some hope, but it does not come. We do not easily accept that some are lost. Well done.
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    What do you find controversial?

    To answer your question we really need to know what you mean by "controversial". If you mean a subject on which there is no consensus, then almost everything is this thread proves. If by "controversial' you are asking what parts we struggle with on a personal level, then...
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    Counting Costs

    There is no reason for feeling silly. I chose that word based on the martyrdom of Polycarp as recorded in Fox's Book of Martyrs. Polycarp refused to be fastened to the stake and assured his persecutors he would stand immovable in the flames. "The flames, on their kindling of the faggots...
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    Counting Costs

    Oh my.... faggot (ˈfæɡət) or fagot n 1. a bundle of sticks or twigs, esp when bound together and used as fuel. I referenced the original meaning of the word, not "Urban Slang." Faggots were piled at the foot of the stakes before the execution of martyrs.
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    Counting Costs

    You’ll find no ease along the way, No rest, no fame, no answers, no mountaintops, No feast, no festival, no parade and no cheers, Only hunger and thirst and welling of tears. You’ll find stink on the cloths of your fellow man, Bad breath and dirt, foul vomit and spit, There’ll be blood and...
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    "Self lies to us every day if we give ear" Amen!
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    A Prayer by Thomas Merton

    MH; Thank you for your post. I too have found wisdom in some of Merton's writings and understand the prayer. The comment directed at your post does not reflect the opinion of all Christians. God has spoken to you in those words and we celebrate.
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    The Seeker

    When told of a treasure beyond worth, Its value not equaled by any on earth, There began the quest to possess this trove, Committed, success the only goal. It began with the torn old map as guide, Worn thin by the hands of others, Who had also sought the prize so dear, And said the secret was...