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    Baby Boy names please....

    Hi.... hello... my dear brothers and sisters.... I'm monica from India, I hope you are all doing good by the love of God :) , and I here we are blessed by God , so I want to share with you all my loved ones about my pregnancy... please pray for my family , and my hubby's job , we are happy to...
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    1 year

    Hi Dear brothers and sisters, Praise the Lord , i came here for sharing my happiness with you all about entering into 2nd year in CC. i am really very happy to be here with you all. i am blessed here. thanks for you're love,prayers,encouragements everything. thanks to CC too . GOD BLESS...
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    Hi praise the Lord, I am Monica from India, hope you're all doing well by the love of God :) , may i know who are near to "SEA PORT" . please let me know pleaseeeeeeeeeeee........... GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Thanks, Monica.
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    HI praise the Lord, Yesterday i went to visit Philippine ship (sky walker) , and they receive us very well , and i seen one guy and i take pics with him but i didn't talk with him , even i don't know his name also but i know they're Philippines and Christians too because...
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    am new

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    Hi. I’m Kate. And I came to Christ on October 5th 2017. And this is my testimony

    Re: Hi. I’m Kate. And I came to Christ on October 5th 2017. And this is my testimony
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    Hello brother roboOp , Praise the Lord , I just went to subscribe room on CC mobile app and I payed for " CC lover" weekly payment. It's done but I want to know about it , please explain about that brother , of course you're busy Bro, reply me when you're free ...