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    What is Truth?

    I think those that don't belive in God need to hear about God the most . I am not saying to beat them up with God's word but to plant the seed and then let their heart or God to lead them to what to do next with God's word . God commands us to go out in to the world and share His word . I myself...
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    Hey CC FAM

    I tried to fast at one time and it did not work , now looking back on it i feel it did not work because it was what I wanted and not lead by God . 3 month later I felt God calling me to a 2 week fast and I was able to do it . I did drink a lot of liqueds . I feel it makes a diffrence if it is...
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    What is Truth?

    I will make this short and sweet the TRUTH is what God's word has to say . Right is right and wrong is wrong It is black or white no gray . No hot or cold , no sitting on the fince . If you want the TRUTH go to God's word and do your home work . It may take some time to find your answers but...
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    Scientology is a dangerous cultic religion

    I agree very drangres
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    Strange question: Family curse?

    I think all is well . Your brothers and sisters are choosing not to have children . My husbend and I had decied we would not have any children until we were married for five years so are finices would be better . Will I ended up pragent in a year after we were married . It was scarey because of...
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    Is it wrong for me to wanting to be baptised with people i love around me

    Nothing wrong with it , mostly because it will be your home church after you move . So it makes a lot of since to me .
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    Gay wedding

    If she will not do church weddings then something is worng . They have choise to go agisnt God's word . First of all what will make since of all of this is are they Chrisitains . You never said if they are or not . If not then there lay's the problem . If they are Christians then they really...
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    Greetings to all from mjlessor, I am new here.

    Welcome MJ to CC . nice to have us with us . Makew yourself right at home .
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    What version of the bible do you read and what one do you like best

    Thank you for the information . You sure have given me something to think about .
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    What version of the bible do you read and what one do you like best

    I see what you are saying . Diffrent words for the same meaning .
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    What version of the bible do you read and what one do you like best

    No please don't feel sorry . Now I know what it is . Thank you for the answer back . Wow my head is spining . I had not known how many diffrent types of Bibles there are out there . This is some thing I really need to talk to my pastor about . Thank you for all your help
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    What version of the bible do you read and what one do you like best

    No snakes or drinking poison here . I feel no need to test God . Pluse I am smart enough to not hold a poison snake sand drink poison . I think God gave people brains for a reason . Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me .