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    last seen

    Chats don't require a forum profile. People join the chats and never come to the site. I'm not sure what you mean by "nothing in the threads". People may log in and choose not to post. Perhaps they're just reading or in PM.
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    On teaching younger women

    Hmm. I see RY join the site, put themselves in the place of a mentor, unsolicited. Taking no time at all to establish their own character or prove their capabilities, wants to mentor others children. When someone comes along and tries to get a sense of this person aligning themselves...
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    Riots in Minneapolis

    While he denies it, he's simply a cop hater. For the past few years now nearly his only activity on the forums has been in making the police look bad.
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    Riots in Minneapolis

    Hi HB 🙂 Of course 4 out of those 6 pics show people in work related positions. So, yeah, I have to agree, not like that. And BLM spawned numerous assaults, ambushes and executions of officers at random. I've not heard of peaceful protests being told no. When a 2 year old keeps wanting to have...
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    Block pornography

    Yeah. You can limit porn, but not stop it completely. Not unless you disconnect from the internet. Just go to Google and it's there in seconds. Sites that are not considered adult can still contain porn. Using Parental Control software can help a lot. There are a variety of different choices...
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    Is the Bible really that important?

    Not everybody knows God exists. Knowing God exists does not equate to knowing God personally. How would you form closeness with someone if they weren't speaking to you? How would people know what is required to he saved? How would people know they Need to be saved? How would people know about...
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    Diet of a healthy, happy 95-year-old.

    Yes. George seemed to try to enjoy life. Also it's been shown close family and friends also can lengthen life span, and health. As well as lots of physical touch, hugs and such.
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    Virgin single 24

    If I understand, you're saying you gave in to temptation, you were not forced against your will or sexually abused by this woman (which you state later in the thread). Giving in to temptation does Not make you a victim. You still made a choice. And no one will feel sympathy for you saying "I...
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    Diet of a healthy, happy 95-year-old.

    Georfe Burns, who died at 100, had this to say on his long life.. "Well, I'm not much of an eater, and I never eat vegetables. I don't drink water but I have four martinis a day. I like martinis better. There's water in martinis. And I smoke 15 to 20 cigars a day." While taking care of...
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    With so many rules and legalism one thing rarely taught among Christians is intent. Sin is less about action and more about intent. Sometimes people say things out of fear, anger or confusion but it'd not what they really feel or believe. God is more concerned with what you believe and work...
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    how to behave in christianity

    Yeah! That mean ole bully teaching him the proper way to use the site! What a big meanyhead!
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    What's the song currently going through your head?

    I’m lost between the darkness and the night I’m caught between the shadows and the light I’m torn between the silence and the violent Refrain of the mind, and all its turns… I’m dying again – I’m lying again I’m crying again – I’m trying to be strong I’m hiding again – I’m fighting again Inside...
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    the big lie: evolution, the beasts: darwin, hitler and nero.

    Christian IS a religion. Your original post needed some things. -paragraphs -structure -coherence -a point
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    Cool Christian rock Bands

    Since it's been around since the 60s I'm going to say no. Music genres are not inherently spiritual, good or evil. Music is a vehicle that carries the message of the one playing it. It is not the message.
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    Hi there cutie 😊😊😊

    Hi there cutie 😊😊😊