Marital Status
not married
Spiritual Status
When saved
April 2011
Country Flag/Nationality
Country (Location)
United States
South Carolina [USA]
Favorite Bible Verse
Right now, John 5;53-56 and Galatians 5;5
I'm a saved Christian, and trying to completely give my life to the Lord to do his will, yet, I don't know many things yet in this life, and I'm asking many questions and yet, many things have been answered to me by the Lord, so many times with the help of the Lord & the Holy Spirit I can advise and help others.

-NOTE- We simply need to realize "all that matters- is Jesus." God is just as important. But everything we do, if it isnt what or like what Christ would be or have us to be, then we simply dont need it and have no reason to do it because its either just sin or useless and worth nothing. And overall, we cant have true happiness in the kind that matters, or the gifts, or even the relationship with anyone, or the love in our hearts until we are saved and Jesus takes away our sins and brings into our life all that matters. and from everything that we need and what matters, all leads back to the Lord! He is simply all that matters! if you dont believe that and always follow another way, you are just living dead in the spirit, on your way to Hell in the end and living a useless life here for nothing that matters even if it seems to be. i didnt want Jesus to save me from Hell mostly, i wanted to be saved to have the love he has in my heart, to give him what he deserves and do like he did being sinless, holy, loving and wonderful.


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