Brag a Little Bit....

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2013
To be honest I just wanted to write about my daddy, he turned 80 today and he is the greatest human G-d ever created. He is the earthly repulaction of G-d's unconditional love. His greatness allowed my to comprehend the GREATNESS of G-d (BIG DADDY) with EASE!!!!

Who has G-d blessed you with? There are a lot of troublin people but G-d send along the "good ones" too.... Who has G-d sent you that you can brag about a little bit!?!


My grandma and mother are both pretty awesome people. They love me unconditionally and taught me to love everyone no matter where they come from or what type of person they are. My mother, especially, surprises me with how much love she has for other people. She is always willing to help.

Happy birthday to your dad! :D


Senior Member
Oct 13, 2014
My sweetheart ( we got our 1st year anniversary in August) and my mom... they have carried me through sooo much and still want me around


Folksy yet erudite
Aug 13, 2014
Ooooh, bragging about people I like!

Something I wrote a few years ago about my pastor:


He is sometimes too quick
This friend of mine
Too quick to do things for others
To cook for fundraisers, church dinners or family reunions
To drive an elder to the doctor
To visit someone in a hospital or nursing home
He gives up his time and what he wants to do
And does for others

I have learned a lot about the heart of a servant
Because of this friend of mine

He is sometimes too slow
This friend of mine
When we cook church dinners a job of one hour takes two
Because we stand around and talk
And enjoy each other's company
And he sets the pace
When we went to the supermarket to pick up something
A quick trip took twice the time
Because everyone in town knows him
And he stopped to talk to them

I have learned a lot about priorities
And how to slow down and listen to people
Because of this friend of mine

He is often too quiet
This friend of mine
When he knows something about someone
Something negative, that should not be told
Where most, almost all others would take pleasure in telling
He has seen the pain gossip can cause
And he cares enough about the person to not say anything

I have learned a lot about discretion
And how to keep my big mouth shut
Because of this friend of mine

He is often too loud
This friend of mine
When he preaches about something we should do
And I have let that something slide
When he preaches against something I have let slip into my life
And I sit and say "Amen!" aloud
But inside I'm squirming
He steps on my toes sometimes, this friend of mine
Though he probably does not know who he is preaching to
The arrows God gave him find their mark

I walk a straighter path
Because of this friend of mine

He is always helping someone
Always at church prayer meetings, always cooking at dinners
Always working for God and people
Always with a willing and cheerful heart
He is my pastor
And I thank God I have been able to enjoy his presence

I am a much better man
Because of this friend of mine


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
He sent me Tequila, who was with me through some of the hardest times of my life. All my breakups, my depression, my cancer. :) And he sent me Sukie (parents' cat) who was a great comfort to me on the day I had Tequila put to sleep. She jumped up onto the couch next to me, and let me pet and hold her.

RIP, beautiful Tequila and Sukie
Feb 28, 2016
The Lord sent me a real husband who has a heart of gold so brilliant
that it out shines the sun'...