does modeling and being a christian mix???

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Hi everyone, I am 20 years old and I'm a born-again christian, I came here to share my knowledge of God and hear the knowledge of others to inspire me. I am a christian who also wants to be a model, yet allot of people tell me those two things don't mix? I oblige because i think it doesin't affect me at all and my love for God has never been so strong please tell me your opinions, i would really appreciate it. Now is the last day to vote for me on a modeling clothing company and i was needing some more people to vote for me, if anyone wants to vote for me please do so today, it has always been a dream of mine. Here is the website in which i am competing, it has my photos and video...

maurices Main Street Model Search: Jacqueline Komperda - Weiser, ID

i need all the votes i can get, and it means allot more to me if you are christian. Being that i am christian myself, i find it hard that everyone judges me on my appearance and won't even consider a word coming out of my mouth. So tell me, is it wrong to pose? Idk give me all your opinions and tell me what you think :) God bless and happy easter !!


One of my friends sold cars for a living at one time and he got good money from doing it. He said you can be a Christian and a used car salesman as long as you are honest and do everything that God would approve. Months later he had quit selling cars and told me that the reason was it is so easy to embellish the truth and make it look better than what it is without lying, but it was still wrong and temptation to do it was too great for him because if you do that you always make hundreds more by just embellishing your words.

I say If you can do it without compromise then do it.


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Jan 17, 2011
hmmm, it really depends on what kind of modeling it is. If those who you are modeling for make you expose part of you that only your husband or future husband would see, or it makes others lust then the answer is no because whoever did that would be part taker in the sin of whoever is lusting after him/her.


YOU are Jesus. Born again Christians are inhabited by the Holy spirit at salvation and are in fact a representative of Christ.
If you can bring glory and not disgrace to his name go for it. If you compromise your actions and do pictures that are sexual or miss leading in any sense then you are crushing your witness. If you can keep your witness then do it. If you would bring God glory and not dishonor go for it.
But you WILL most likely be told to take pictures pushing towards a sexual crowd. Can you say no? Even if it means losing the job? Take it all into consideration.
Is there anything wrong with Christian models who don't compromise? No there is not.


I say If you can do it without compromise then do it.

God has placed Christians in every profession in order to reach those already in that profession. If all scientists were athiests, and all construction workers were mean drunkards, then well... it would be a little harder influencing them. Models need positive influence. They need to know that God loves them for who they are, and made them perfect in His sight, and He seems them as beauty beyond compare, and nothing someone else thinks can change that.. etc etc.

Know your limits and stick to them. Tell your employers before you sign that you WILL NOT wear anything that makes you feel revealed and uncomfortable. You are not a sex toy, and you will not be treated as such, and you do not want your pictures to be used to suggest such. There are plenty of opportunities for a modest model. Blessings to you and your new ministry to fellow models :D
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Sep 8, 2006
I say go for it. Giantone gave you stellar advice!

I will go to your link and vote for you. Best of luck!! (let us know how it goes!)



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Jan 28, 2011
As already stated, some directors will try to make you look sexually attractive, its hard to maintain your faith in the business. If you gonna go for it, get lots of Christian friends to help you, encourage you and pray for you. God bless


I apologize as I was a day late to vote for you. But I think you have gotten some good and godly advice so far. As long as it doesn't compromise your Faith, I see nothing wrong with it. When I hear of modeling one of the first thing that comes to my mind is the Story of Esther, yes it was a beauty contest but I think this would be similiar to modeling, and God called her for such a time to save Israel.
(Esther 4:14).
Dec 19, 2009
I am a christian who also wants to be a model, yet allot of people tell me those two things don't mix?
Whether or not Christianity and modeling mix would depend on what you are modeling, I would think.


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Mar 19, 2011
Hi everyone, I am 20 years old and I'm a born-again christian, I came here to share my knowledge of God and hear the knowledge of others to inspire me. I am a christian who also wants to be a model,

I see no reason why a christian cant be a model as long as the clothing is not comprimising. You are a very pretty young lady and I say if you wanna be a model then go for it. I pray that God blesses you in that career and that it brings Him Glory.. God bless you, my sister in Christ
Jan 15, 2011
Good question. I kept getting these photoshoot invitations in the mail and was seriously considering it, but my parents brought up a good point. Pretty soon they'll be asking you to do stuff you won't be comfortable with, if you know what i mean. It starts off small but you'll be giving in a little bit each time because you'll see other models doing it. Thing is, most ads that require models grab your attention, therefore they will try to use you to accomplish that. Another problem for me was that I didnt want to become self absorbed and self-idolatrous. I'm already selfish enough as it is, but I wouldn't want that to become worse if everyone kept fussing over me and complimenting me all the time. Just some thoughts, I'm sure there are examples of Christian models out there somewhere but as of the way media treats everything today, I wouldn't mix the two.