What Kind Of An Example Are You Setting?

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Apr 13, 2007
Okay, well, I'm taking full responsability for what I say here. I'm prepared for that, as well as those who are offended by this, only the guilty will be offended though.

This is suppose to be a CHRISTIAN chat site, but how many set the right example? I mean in all honesty, not many, I know it's great to have fun and all, but some are just flat out rude, immature, and everything else on here.

I mean there's things from the smallest, to the largest comments that are offensive to some people, to arguing, to burping on the mic. I'm not going to name names, but many on here have told me either in pc, or on yahoo, msn, or myspace how it bothers them.

So before any of you decide you want to get upset for this thread I've posted, think about it, I'm speaking up for many others, not just because I felt like doing this.

There's many that are either new Christians, or not even Christians yet who come on here, seeking to hear the word of God, our testimonies, and so much more. However they are "deprived" of that so to speak, because there's so much going on that's not even realted to God.

We're suppose to let our light shine for Him, but there's topics and everything on here, that aren't even Christian matters. No matter if it's a joke or serious, the fact of the matter is, people can't always tell if it's a joke or not, and they become confused.

If they see people on here claiming to be Christians doing such things, or talking about it, they will think oh well I can just do whatever I want too and get away with it, but in reality, you can't we all know that.

Think about this stuff people, what kind of an example are you setting on here? Is your light shinning for Him? I'm not saying don't have fun, I'm not saying don't joke around, just if you do, make sure it's in clean fun, and not about things that shouldn't be talked about on here and everything.




Very well said.

Well, i will not disagree with her, even though I feel guilty about this.
And I believe what she said explains it all...

God bless and may everyone of us take this as a reminder and not something negative.
Apr 13, 2007
Abing! hey girl, thanks for the support and understanding! I'm sure there's lots of others that'll be upset, but oh well, God bless them anyways!


This is good...get people who call themselves Christian to think about the image they are portraying. We are little Christ's. That is the definition of the name Christian. So Jesus??? would He be party to some of the things we do that we think are ok...???As far as getting offended..Well, "Great peace have they which love thy Law, and nothing shall offend them.:" If we measure everything by the cross, then we should not have to worry about getting offended. Jesus did not get offended at what was said and done to Him...and hey have you had nails in your hands???
Our Pastor. last night made an interesting statement..not original, but good....Everything this side of Hell is grace....so we walk in the grace of God and be glad for everything God allows into our lives.
I love my LORD...He means everything to me. He saved me from a life of ruin and set my feet upon a rock.....He is GOOOOOOOD!!!
I want to llive to please Him..to bring glory to His Holy name...hence...Christian...then live like one....