Share Your Health Tips

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Aug 18, 2021
You are performing a useful service for our military vets in advising those who may not be aware, that even if they only served a couple or three years, that they are entitled to VA health care. I believe that the minimum requirement is something like 180 days.
You are correct, some vets don't know about the program and they don't know how easy it is to apply for. I personally knew 4 specific individuals, real people, who were suffering from illness and lack of medical insurance that were eligible for VA health care benefits. I informed them and they joined. Be sure and spread the word to your friends/relatives.

I'm an old guy. When I was drafted into the US Army, they paid me $90 a month and took out $12 for taxes. So, I don't feel any guilt at taking advantge of the VA benefits.
Mar 15, 2015
This is not on the same subjects, but the title was "Share your health tips" so here goes. I recently read a report from a Dr. Frank Shalenberger, I believe it was him, it's been a while and my memory is not so good, but the information I will provide I wrote down so that is correct. It helps long Covid syptoms.

The doctor said that the covid virus produces an enzyme similar to the enzyme in rattle snake venom and is labled sPLAZ-11A. It is a form of nerotoxin and is trapped in special receptors in the body. Most of these receptors are located in the brain, heart, lungs, liver and intestines. These receptors hold on to these enzymes for up to 10 years in most people. These receotors love nicotine and will dump other items they have collected for the nicotine.

So we can get the virus out of our bodies by the use of nicotine, but once it is out of the receptors it will cause loginess, dizziness, and other problems that are not real serious. There is a naturasl remedy for this that in essence neutralizes the enzyme, but first if you want to uses nicotine, don't use more than 2mg. Most people who need this are not smokers and more would cause it's own problems.

The items to neutralize the enzyme are Vit. C, Selenium, and N-Acetylcystein. He didn't give the amounts to use so I have to assume that the usual dosages will work. He also didn't say if one or all were needed so I would go with all. People who lost their sense of smell and used this remecy have had their sense of smell return in two weeks. I haven't had the money to get the nicotine and supplements yet, but I will try it when I do. God can fix all diseases with his garden. We just need to have more natural remedy researchers and fewer doctors to pust pharmaceuticals.