my name is Marissa and im addicted to CC

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Junior Member
Jul 23, 2011
My name is Marissa, I am 23 years old and i live in Michigan. I've lived in Michigan for 23 years. I have a 1 year old Daughter named Alexa or (AJ) i call her that too. She is the sunshine of my life. I was save on November 8th 2010 so I am a farely new christian. I am addicted to christian chat lol. I have met some really wonderful people on here and some not so wonderful people but Jesus loves us regardless. I dont tolerate perverts who come on here and PM me and say dirty things. This is not the place for that so if you want to do that, go somewhere else. Enough about that, I hope to continue to meet great people to talk and walk in the light of Gods path! God Bless you all! here's a poem i wrote a few days ago. enjoy!

Jesus and Me
By Marissa Graham
Jesus save me,
From the curse of Satan,
Cast him away,
I am waiting
Jesus love me,
Through good and bad,
Hold me close,
Wipe away my tears
Jesus forgive me,
For i have sinned,
Clean my slate,
Make me whole again
Jesus protect me,
Cover my heart,
Let no one hurt me,
I’ll find peace again
Jesus touch me,
Fill me with love,
Have mercy on my soul
It’s yours to have
Jesus I’m here,
To praise your sweet name,
Guide me to the light,
Let your mercy reign
I am the sinner,
You are the saint,
i am the child,
You are the father
ill fall to my knees,
And speak to you in prayer,
You died for my sins
I am born again
All this I ask
In your precious name
Forever and ever


Senior Member
Jan 16, 2011
Hello Riss welcome to Christian Chat.


Welcome to CC and welcome to the club of the addicted LOL!


Hey Marissa welcome


Riss!! Your poetry is fantastic, you need to post more :)


Welcome Riss to CC my names Brad....I like your poem, fellow writer! I prefer to focus my writing on lyrics


Junior Member
Jul 23, 2011
thank you so much!! =) im working on writing more!! i have some in a book of mine but ill post some more. i just dont know where to post it on here
Aug 4, 2011
Welcome to CC Riss,

Agreed, it can be really addicting!
As for PMs with perverse messages, please copy and paste it and alert any Moderator (chat side bar, where you see all of the chatters, Red for the Mods, Blue for male, pink for female). That is definitely not tolerated here.
(You may also indicate on your Priv Chat Notice settings (its on your main menu, just slighty below the CHAT NOW button) to indicate that you do not wish any creepy or perverse PMs. That actually helped me too)