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I am a devoted Christian man. I share the truth in scripture with everyone i can. The Lord Jesus owns my heart and guides me through each day.
You are a kind soul. Thank you for responding. I will review your interactions and get back to you. I've been away. Mark
Walking with Yeshua sure does put a pep in my step...
Brother.......are you guys seeing what theanointedsinner is doing on the BDF?
Here's what God wants for your life, Abundance , love , happiness , forgiveness and eternal life. A life with no death. I know His ways are mysterious. Just have faith in that much. Trust Him anyway.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 🐱🐕🐈🌸🐦💒
You feel like your helping , but it adds up the same...
School lock downs , bad checks , violence and lay offs. I have had a car stolen too.
My purse was stolen , my tires slashed late at night and we finally called it done.
Think about it , I am safer and the house is cleaner. I just have to heal emotionally.
You wonder why people have issues. Think about it ...
War , storms , jobs , divorce , cancer and over time issues happen. No one is impervious to emotional stress , anger and resentment. With help , sometimes coping with your life prevents the issues as much. I loved counseling. I need more money , my spouse hates it when I work. We are doing better with me home. He was not happy with late hours at the store .
How is everyone ? Did we make it through another storm ? I hope so.
I have complained today . God is great though . We made it through hurricane Michael. My hospital stay , was in the hallway , in my fabulous hospital wear. I don't live in a major
city . The bill was ridiculous. I am thankful to feel better. Health care isn't cheap.
I had some benefits. I don't regret it , because I got medicine.
In regards to Brett Kavanaugh , I like the Catholic Vote app on my kindle. He was feeding the poor . I think some things are great about him. I hope that much never changes.
I think it's more Christ like to pray for them than to gossip. I will pray instead. I have had tough times too. I am not perfect either.
Today was pretty , the outdoors is great for walking. I hope to have inner , peace and tranquillity. I can't stand interruptions . I don't like my neighbors traffic , they have loud music and I wish they had a small family. Two houses look terrible and smell like feces.
I pray for those emotions to change. I think they yell at the whole street and. never realize it. I cry sometimes. I long for less noises.
Where u been hiding Jewel? This place is boring without u. Hope u didn't leave. :(
"taking a risk for someone who is willing too"

how i wish to find
I love the glasses :D and the hair :D they kinda match
Thanks (hugs)