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Hello! I'm newbie I can't access in any rooms I was banned. 😢
It's so good to be back here with everyone! I hope you all are doing well. God bless <3
Hi, I paid for a years subscription last week and I still cannot message people. It says I need to pay, when I already did. Could you please see about fixing this? Thankyou so much
Man of God Greetings in Jesus name!

Your modes James47 and Jeshuavan keep chasing and banning me again and again like a prison. They banned all my register account. Why they are one sided and hear my side so that they will know my appeal. Is Jeshuavan Pastor?why he can't handle the members on CC he loves banning also James47. They are not perfect too and working into progress. How can I donate always ban?

sir i think i am banned could u please help me please
hello sir my name is PotatoHead or friend_of_Yeshua7 i am 14 years old and i believe i am either banned don this chat site or Christian Chat is outdated for my device i would like to know the reason i am banned i know someone is complaining about my age (Donate FOR LIFE) but i hope this situation could be resolved

sincerely Friend_of_Yeshua7
Our God is great and mighty in all his ways now and forever more....Amen
I enjoy your posts and your perspectives are most interesting.
(Yes I got persecuted since I was physically born (school=bullied, ostracized even though I tried my best to fit in=only a few friends)(family compare me with other people and loaded questions=logical fallacy which hurt me which was before I was saved, after I got saved family persecution for Christ) Read Lazarus and the rich man. Also John 15:18-19.
"Dwell on what you do know, not what you think you know....then you have learned something of value."
Your verbal and written skills are outstanding. Most impressed. Professional quality.
You are doing a good job in the threads.
Thank you for the encouragement!
"And, many shall leave when their emptiness is not fulfilled adequately....this being human nature."
I love the new look! :)
Yo brother, how are you? I got one of those danged cam things that sits on top of the monitor so I thought I might as well make use of it ... while I'm still pretty :o
Hello, ... This is my first time on this site ... this is my first post of many I hope.. So glad to be here to meet all Y'all and if there is anything I can do ... Please don't hesitate to ask.
Welcome to CC, brother OT!
Welcome to CC, dear sister Bonnie.