A few questions.

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I have a few questions. I never really understood these things so I thought this would be a good place to ask for answers. My first question is: Where did our souls come from? Mormons believe our souls were on some sort of realm (like heaven..My husband was a mormon elder for many years) but that seems far fetched to me. The bible says that God knew us before we were created in our mothers wombs. But what about our souls..Where were they, how did we get them? My second question may seem a bit odd. Im not trying to be offensive or anything but Why are there so many different races of people here on earth? The bible says man was made in Gods image but people are all so different. Why is that (from a biblical point of view)?


The Bible says that God created us in his image. God is spirit and we are to worship him in Spirit and in truth. He created mankind unlike any other creature in that we are spiritual beings, and are therefore eternal. Our soul / spirit is who we are --- that is the eternal aspect of us. Our flesh and blood wil die but we will recevie a new body in the twinkling of an eye when Christ returns (there are scripture references for each of these statements). Our mind / consciousness will be retained with our souls. God created us initally (we did not exist befor that), but from the point of that creation we are eternal beings.

With regards to race and ethnicity, man has adapted to the different environments in which we lived -- this is not evolution -- just adaptation. At the tower of Babel, God divided the people, divided the languages and sent them off to different parts of the world. We all come from the same origin -- Adam and Eve.
May 30, 2008
Feel like going with Nick0707 points they are realy true.
One thing is that we were there before everything was created (that is all Gods Children) in the book of Job GOD ASK him where were you when the children of God shouted when He laid the foundation of the world?
Another thing Revelation 13:8- speaks of people names written in the lambs book of life slain before the foundation of the world.

Really interesting but we were there in the back part of the mind of God and when he was doing all this we were watching.
I believe we do get our souls when we r born becouse the spirit man is the image of our souls and the body is the image of our spirit man.

Body is soil and grows thro eating food, Spirit is in our mind which has affection, reasoning, memory, imagination ...................and others but our soul connects with God thro Faith.

In the soul you either have FAITH OR DOUBT. Its the SIXTH sense.

Races started in Babel.
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