A look at Jeremiah 7:21-8:3

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Senior Member
Aug 30, 2015
JEREMIAH 7:21-8:3; 9:22,23

Adonai states that "In the beginning" when Israel left Egypt, he did not talk about animal sacrifices when the 10 Commandments were given. There is not one single commandment in the "Decalog" which required animal sacrifices. The only animal sacrifice before arriving at Sinai was in Egypt. The sacrificial lambs and goats at Passover.

The reason for the animal sacrifices/offerings was that there had to be a "substitute" for the payment of sin. Since the "wages of sin is death" then, the animals would be those "substitutes" and instead of the offerer being judged guilty of sin, the penalty was passed on to the animal. The animal's throat was cut and the blood spilled on the Brazen Altar. This was symbolic of Messiah Yeshua's death on the Cross of Calvary, the "Passover Lamb" who was slain on our behalf. So, the whole idea of the animal sacrificial system was to "shadow" the coming of Messiah Yeshua/Jesus who would "fulfill" all those sacrifices in one day, on the day of Passover 2000 years ago.

Adonai speaks to Yirimyahu (Jeremiah) telling Israel to repent and return to God, yet God told him that Israel would not listen to him. So sad, that was the case. Sacrifices were continued but without true repentance. Kind of like the Mafia big bosses murdering and gunning down people, and then going to mass at church and confessing before the priests (if they even did that).

Israel was taken into slavery to live in Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, and only many years later did a remnant return to Israel. We need to get back to God today through true repentance, from the heart and not just with words. Adonai did not ask for sacrifices when he took his people out of Egypt, only obedience to his voice and words, yet Israel failed to obey. The “Korbanot” were HIS way to point his people back to him through Yeshua, the “Emet” (Truth), and the foundation stone from the beginning.

MARK 13:1-37

Yeshua tells his Talmidim/disciples about the future. “The end is near,” he tells them. Yet many will say; “Well, that was thousands of years ago, and the end is not in sight!”

We need to remember that our perspective of time is not the same perspective of Adonai’s time. If one thousand years are like a day, then, in reality, time is of no matter to YHVH. Yeshua is saying that “Many will come in my name”. We see that it is true with many false Messiahs, false cults, false doctrines, “adding” to the Word of God saying, “Yeshua isn’t enough, you need…”

Many cults and denominations change God’s Word to fit their beliefs and mis-interpret original words. When we listen to preachers and teachers, we must ask ourselves, “Is this what God’s Word is really saying?” does it support solid Bible doctrine, if it does not, then it is mere commentary, “man’s opinion, nothing more.

I believe the best way to understand God’s word is to get back to the original language and culture to understand what the original writers were saying. Yeshua is coming back, are you ready? We must live and prepare our lives as if Yeshua will return in the far future yet be ready if He returns tomorrow. It is good to make plans, yet YHVH has the final say.

Shavua tov...Have a blessed week.