CC Fundraiser (plz donate if you can) + petition (everyone can!)

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Staff member
Aug 4, 2008

Hi friends, it's been three weeks since our last fundraiser, and well besides needing funds for our work and our operations, at the same time we have a fellow CC supporter needing not funds but simply your signature, on a petition. So in faith I'm sending this to all our recently active members, killing two birds with one email.

First, before donating to CC, please help a long time faithful CC supporter, Melody. Not with money, just with a little time to read her petition to Wells Fargo bank and add yourself to the petition, as I did. This dear sister who is a missionary has faithfully supported our work at Christian Chat for many years, even though she hasn't really used the site in years. She sees our family as internet missionaries and felt led to support our work monthly, and how helpful it has been. We pray for God to bring more supporters like this. Anyway, about her petition to Wells Fargo: well simply read it and if you don't mind, sign the petition, then don't forget to come back to this email. Go ahead to that link, take your time:

Melody's petition

--- come back after you read/sign Melody's petition ---

Okay if you read the petition, thank you! And if you didn't mind signing it, thank you for that! I feel that I can totally vouch for this dear sister whom we've been in contact with for years, and who has cared so much about the work that we're doing and even about our family personally.

And if you appreciate Christian Chat, and you are able to pitch in any amount to help support our work and pay significant expenses that we have in operating this site, and help bear the burden, then please go ahead now (or when you're able). We appreciate all amounts, it all adds up, and it's very helpful at this time. Just click the link for your country or currency! Thank you!






New Zealand:




Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016

thank you for accepting us for who we are in Christ, and for correcting the technical? problems!
may God bless you and yours in all of your Spiritual endeavors...

dennis and joanna = otn