"Hyper Grace " and preachers of the doctrine on CC

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May 23, 2012
Good morning ,

it has been a long - suffering and very patient with many in here pertaining to the topic of "hyper-grace" and those who seem to bring this topic up in every post no matter what the thread maybe . Moderators have addressed the issues with some in Bible discussion forum pertaining to this Subject " hyper-grace". We have received more submissions of infractions due to this topic. And the same names keep coming up. Moderators have asked what is hyper grace and where do you stand on the subject? those who were asked have provided their understanding. Now it is not that CC agree with nor against this doctrine as many hold to calvinist and the positions and have scriptural ref to support their understanding. BUT maturity and not attacking those is what is needed. here is what we get when the "hyper grace" topic is brought up:

1. your not saved
2. attacks
3. false teacher
4. infraction submitted
5. request for account to be closed
6. name calling
7. "hyper grace" brought into every post when not even the topic of origin

I have given you 7 reasons why this topic is not good for CC Thread and I have yet to find one reason for it.
Admin and the moderators will no longer allow this to continue . And appropriate action will be taken if a member or guest starts a topic on "hyper grace " or Preachers who teach it. remember those who attack each other many of them call themselves christians yet we eat and devour each other. enough is enough. I am not going to dress you personally at this time... You have an opportunity to let it go or CC Admin and Moderators will take action.

God bless,

very respectfully,



Idiot in Chief
Staff member
Jan 15, 2011
In the days to come we will update this thread with what will hopefully more clearly outline CC's stance on this issue.

Our posting policy could best be summed up in this quote that has been credited to numerous persons over the years.

"In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity."

We have always hung our hats on the essentials of the faith and allowed liberty in discussing the non-essentials regardless of our stances on specific subjects.

We (Christian Chat) believe that the doctrine of Hyper-Grace as preached by some "big name" pastors is just as much in error as the legalism pushed by others.

We have never prohibited users who subscribed to either extreme from posting here but from time to time we end up having to crack down because we end up with every thread becoming overrun with the same debate no matter what subject it originally started off on.

Simply put, in recent months it seems that every other thread in this forum has ended up hijacked to the law vs grace vs hyper-grace subject and we have had numerous users leave the site because of the non-stop contention caused by it.

This free for all WILL STOP or the users perceived to the primary cause of the problem (there are users on both sides of the debate) will be removed.
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