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  • It has been a busy summer and fall and I can't say how happy I am to be back here in the forum. If I missed anything, please fill me in. Yous in Christ........Stan.
    When a post is rejected how long does it take?
    July 3 2018can't get in no matter what I try been like this for well over 6 months did the app for windows 3 times nothing . May be you need to delete my account and try again can I reuse my account after you delete it boy I wish something would happen here like a bet of help been asking a long time thank you gb mollie
    I posted in singles forum that I'm looking for local friends. Is that OK?
    I noticed under your name it says "Idiot in Chief"... Im not sure who did that.... but they know you well! Luv ya Brother!
    Please change your title immediately; I will not allow you to talk about my friend Jim in such a manner!

    Hope you and Mrs. Fallen are well :).
    I really, really, really enjoy your troll tendencies.

    Thank you for your service ;)
    Jim, every time I click on my profile or see who liked my post, the screen immediately is red w/ some writing that says that the site contains malware, even though I did not leave this site. I think it's something someone posted on my message board. Could you please fix it for me? Thank you!
    ~Throws rice everywhere~
    hi Once hope you're doing well I added you a while back and hope you will accept have a good one god bless
    How are you mister? :)
    Haha! I owe you, like, a hundred dollars for editing that. Will you take a check? :D
    hey oncefallen, next time your in the chat, I have a question for you.
    I hope you are well in christ.
    A fellow member said you cld help figure out why i cannot chat.
    I have tried but it never worked, It seems to be connected, I cld even see the background at times, but nothing showed up, i cldnt see ppl chatting, no activities, except for the christianchat.com logo...
    Thank you
    Happy Thanksgiving... God bless you each day.
    Ok, so you got my hopes up by posting that picture of a moderately large cookie... I am not expecting it to be gift-wrapped and sent to my front door!! Isn't delivering cookies part of a mod's job as well? :D
    Help!! I can't get in the chat. :( And I don't think stilly is on so he can't help....so help! ...Please. Forgot to say please. ...And thank you. Forgot to say that too.
    I think I'll just call you Stilly from now on, okay :D?
    Hi! I have nothing to say! I just wanted to bother you. :p
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