"My Jehovah witness override!"

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Senior Member
Feb 27, 2010
i have no idea what the video is as there is no descreption but my view on the JWs, i like some of their thoughts. the no blood and no vaccines is spot on.
LOL! What utter twaddle!
T'was a time in here, there was some "movement" of sorts, that all some posters would do, is post video's! So description, no intro, no outro, no explanation! Just post after post, after thread after thread of nothing but? Yep? You guessed it! VIDEO'S!!

This is the "why" NOBODY really wants to watch ANYONE'S video!
Call it being "burnt out!"
Though, I admit! I do sometimes post a music video! But, in doing so, I feel in that posting, that I am stressing, or underlining a point that I made, in my written post. ;)


Senior Member
Jan 7, 2015
LOL! What utter twaddle!
you obviously have not had a kid that was made retarded or died due to a vaccine nor read the bible. might want to read a bit on such things before making statements that make you look rather foolish. LOL!


Senior Member
Dec 12, 2013
I think another BIG problem is; I can't make extravagant video's; like most people can. Mine are usually ; SO BORING! Cant help but to be embarrassed right now.
Do not worry about it bro......just keep swinging....the JW's are nothing more than a cult....they do not teach the Jesus of the bible and personally I think their view on transfusions and using doctors is retarded...LUKE was a doctor and GOD gives us brains and expects us to use them......