The greatest need of all mankind

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Senior Member
Oct 31, 2014
Since the fall of mankind through disobedience to the command of the Almighty, mankind has faced many horrible results of turning over the domain of earth to the enemy of our souls, (when Adam disobeyed the Father, he forfeited his domain and turned it over to the enemy), the accusation that man deserved death by allowing death to enter the earth was put forth by the enemy of our souls who had been a covering cherub. ( please see Eze. 28:14-16) and well knew the requirements of a just and righteous creator who cannot lie, nor would He turn from the just result of this grievous sin.
At this time mankind was separated from the Father, however before anything was ever made the Father and His Son had held council and formulated a plan for mans redemption and restoration, (this is what the whole Bible is about) the Son Himself would pay the penalty due mankind by becoming sin for us. (2 Cor. 5:21).
The result of this separation caused mankind to be lacking in one thing that is needed and eminently desired by all created beings, Acceptance, when our dear Savior shed His precious blood so we could live, He restored that acceptance, won the victory over death and sin, and made an open proclamation of the Eternal one's ultimate authority.
This need for acceptance has been the cause of much woe and suffering in the humane family, the enemy of our souls wants us to believe the lie that we are not accepted by the Father, and will go to any lengths to foist this lie upon us.
However we must believe the one who cannot lie, the One who died so we could live with Him forever, we ARE accepted, He loves us more then we can possibly understand or imagine. Believe not the lies of the enemy,(John 8:44) believe instead the only truly righteous one who loves us all(2 pet. 3:9) and wants to see us home.
I encourage you to pray and consider this carefully in your heart, and remember He misses us too.