Two questions regarding "racism"

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Senior Member
Jun 24, 2011
I have a strong feeling that racism is in the eye of the beholder. I have discovered often that which is labelled as hate speech is speech they hate because it is the truth. In my country, there is a tussle over the idea of giving offence in human rights law. Someone rightly pointed out that you don't give offence. You take offence.

I often go into the lion's den to defend the truth, and a lot of what is said is totally offensive but I don't take offence. If I don't take offence the person writing cannot give offence.

I am a member of a particular race and when I arrived in Australia we were the butt of many jokes. Did I take offence? NO. I let them all go through to the keeper. Which meant those that denigrated my race never got on the wrong side of me.

Do black lives matter? Of course. Do Latino lives matter? Of course. Do Asian lives matter? Of course. Do babies lives matter? Of course. Do anybody's lives not matter? Of course not.

Until we accept that everyone has the right to life (except those that take life unlawfully) and a right to live peacefully as they see fit, nobody's lives will matter.
It seems silly to me to try and characterize a WHOLE race a certain way. There are just too many individuals that make up that race to say all "whatevers" are "bad" or really any "generalization".

Its more a reflection on the persons character who is a racist than the race they are racist against.

In my opinion.


Senior Member
Jul 18, 2017
I'm definitely not interested in any secular views on racism.
However it is the secular views of racism, and the true (or false) accusations of racism against certain individuals, which are at the heart of the turmoil in many parts of the world.

Calling someone (or something) racist without any proof is a political ploy which is meant to create hatred and animosity against that entity. But things have gone far beyond that. America itself has been deemed to be a racist country, since that suits the Communist/Marxist agenda to a T. The race card is being used to destroy America from within. Disrespecting the flag while idolizing black "martyrs" is all a part of this political agenda.

That is also the reason for promoting the "Critical Race Theory", so that the Constitution and all the institutions of the USA can be attacked at one and the same time. University and college students are being fed this garbage daily, hence BLM, Antifa, etc. have resorted to destroying everything in the name of racism. The fact that the Chinese are the most racist Communists does not even get mentioned.