What is TRUTH? (a close look at John

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Senior Member
Aug 30, 2015
What is “TRUTH?” (a close look at John 18:37,38)

The word “truth” is very much used today, especially in God’s word. The “Truth” is the opposite of whatever is false. The whole world is divided into two categories, those who practice the truth, who are truthful in their dealings in business, in their family lives, and those who practice falsehood, both in business and in family lives.

Pontius Pilate asked the question to Yeshua. In John 18:37,38; …”the reason I have come into the world is to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to me.” And Pilate asked him; “What is truth?”

The famous words that still echo through the minds of all who have read the Bible; “What is truth?” Yeshua has many titles; the “Living Water”, “The Good Shepard”, “The Door”, and the list could go on, yet one of the titles of Messiah is “Emet” (truth). Yeshua said in John 14:6; “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father but by Me.”

One special way to show that Yeshua is “Truth” is through gematria. Using the Hebrew words and letters, every letter is equal to a number, when we add up the letters in words, we get different numbers. When two words have the same sum of numbers, there is a relationship between those words.

The word; “emet” adds up to 441 (Aleph, Mem, and Tav). When we add up the words of this Hebrew sentence; “HaZeh Mashiach Ben David” (this is the Messiah, Son of David) the words also add up to 441. Is this just coincidence? or is it from Adonai? So if Messiah is “Truth” and Messiah Yeshua is God in the flesh, then we can plug in the name “Yeshua” when we read the word “Truth” When we do that in John 18:37, we can read;

“The reason I have come into the world is to bear witness to God, Everyone who belongs to God, listens to me”
That makes sense. When we read and “listen” to the Bible, we are “listening to God” we are listening to the words of Mashiach, since “Mashiach Ben David” is “Truth”

Ben Avraham


Active member
Aug 14, 2019
When looking for the meaning of truth it will be necessary to qualify your question.

Are you looking for the humanist definition or are you looking for the spiritual definition ?

The humanist definition of truth is ambiguous because all have different values of morality.

The spiritual view of truth is very simple it is a man and the man is Christ Jesus.

For I am the Truth is what he tells us. To have Christ is to have the Truth.

ALL the spiritual truth there is is contained in one person and that person is Christ Jesus.

Spiritually speaking Christ is ALL the truth there is. To reject this is to reject Christ.

You can never measure humanist ideas of truth in morality with the spiritual truth of righteousness.


Well-known member
Oct 9, 2018
Interesting read. I don't think there is any revelation of new information about truth and the embodiment there of. I think most Christians understand the point.