Where in scripture are instructions to cancel the feasts?

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Senior Member
Dec 6, 2016
i agree with *most* of this but they were meant to be kept just as they are written. the primary purpose is like you mentioned, as a teaching little children in school, to show us God in Christ. and the primary lesson of the law is spiritual -- but this was given to Israel, rebellious Israel, who grumbled and accused God of evil from the very day they were redeemed from Egypt. so the law is a revelation of God to a stubborn and rebellious people who refuse to listen and believe. it's made for sinners, not the righteous, but it instructs the righteous -- it's the wise who get understanding and the fool who mocks.

to us He has shown great grace and love, that we have this law to behold, without being condemned by it - because He has brought us into His olive tree through His own blood. we are blessed to see this and know Who it speaks of. it's in that that i completely am in accord with you; it is misleading to say it is gone - it is about Christ, it is about the person and work of God, and He does not fade away or become obsolete. the covenant that He made with stiff-necked Israel is not the covenant He made with us - to us He gave better promises, the promise He even gave Abraham now more clearly resolved in His Son. the Torah isn't gone; the veil is removed from it. we died to it so that in Him we could have life, and living, we can now behold the truth of it with unveiled eyes.
i wish we, as a forum, could talk about it without having to go through all this '
we're not under it' bickering every time. :(

that we could look at the command not to mix fabrics and be awed by what it teaches, rather than scoff at it as though it's petty and outmoded. it's not petty; it's the word of God! no, you don't sin by wearing a pair of socks with elastic in them to keep them on your legs, but we shouldn't be so dismissive. this is treasure; this is explaining our Lord to us. if we would just look deeply at it! i think you agree with me on that, don't you, sister? :)
I so agree.

God is so loving and kind, and trying to teach his unruly children what the world of the spirit if like. We are so wrapped up in fleshly thoughts that God has a time pounding any understanding into us. He tries to get us to understand we must respect His creations, not tamper with them be telling us to leave fabrics alone, we can understand fabrics. Just think of what man does with that information. God uses things we can understand to show us the spiritual truth behind them and man injects fleshly thinking in it so even that gets meshed. The things God tells us, man sums it up as law and decides we aren't under law any more because God gave a plan for our salvation! And all the time, if we would listen to what the Lord tells us about truth it would lead to fleshly joy and abundance.