Why don't people ever want to discuss REAL things? Things that Jesus taught?

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Sep 2, 2020
I see confession as much bigger... when we meet someone, who is erring, if we confess our sins, we can help them see that they are not alone, and that we have overcome our own tribulations. We can teach them, that there are ways to get over it. But we have to do it with kindness and humility, or it will likely be... a competition of wills. Ergo, we should sometimes bury our will, if we can use it, to strengthen another will. But... catch 22.... don't give what's Holy to dogs. So, I think we can't generalize... but we must take each situation day by day, and wait for the Lord to lead us.... in all situations :)
Confession can be used that way, confessing our weaknesses to each other as a form of strengthening each other. But I think that the main purpose of confession is just to be honest about our sin. Really being honest is important to repentance. If you are unable to be honest with God about your sins then your probably not very penitent.


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May 24, 2014
Why did BBM just get banned?