"As it was in the days of Noah." Luke 17v26

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Feb 27, 2010
A major cause of lawlessness in the last days will be a greed, which results in escalating crime and violence on a world scale, just as in Noah’s day, when every thought of men was only evil continually, and violence filled the whole earth. Gen 6v1-13. This moral degeneration was also caused by evil spirits (referred to as "sons of God," Gen 6v2,4 with Job 1v6, 2v1, 38v7) infiltrating mankind by taking upon themselves giant fleshly bodies, which though outwardly similar to human bodies were basically different (genetically) from those of mankind. 1Pet3v19,20, Jude v6. These were the “giants” of Scripture, these giants are called: The Nephilim, Gen 6v4, Numb 13v32,33. The Anakim, Deut 1v28,2v10,11,21, 3v11,13, 9v2, Josh 11v21,22, 14v12-14. The Emims, Deut 2v10,11. The Zamzummins, Deut 2v19-21. The Rephaim, Deut 2v11,20, 3v11,13, Josh 12v4, 13v12,15v8, 18v16, 2Sam 21v16,18,20,22, 1Chron 20v4,6,8. The valley of the giants, Josh 15v8, 18v16. etc. Goliath and his compatriots were evil angels in flesh, the sons of the giant. 2Sam 21v15-22. The children that were born to the giants did not have souls and spirits given to them by God, they became the abode of evil spirits, these products of Satan's biological engineering will not be resurrected, for in Isaiah 26v14, we read the “dead,” who are “deceased” (Hebrew is “rephaim” (OT:7496) “giants”) will not be resurrected by God. It is when Michael and his angels cast the Devil and his angels out of heavenlies into the earth, and God’s restraining hand is removed from the Devil and his evil hosts, that the Great Tribulation then ensues, with the result that these evil angels that have been cast down into the earth will again mingle with the seed of men (“daughters of men,” Gen 6v2), which will result in giants once again upon the earth. Dan 2v43, 2Thess 2v1-12, Rev 12v7-17

Titus Flavius Josephus in his volume, Antiquities (Book 5.2.3) writes the following regarding the Rephaim:

“For which reason they removed their camp to Hebron; and when they had taken it, they slew all the inhabitants. There were till then left the race of giants, who had bodies so large, and countenances so entirely different from other men, that they were surprising to the sight, and terrible to the hearing. The bones of these men are still shown to this very day, unlike to any credible relations of other men. Now they gave this city to the Levites as an extraordinary reward, with the suburbs of two thousand cities; but the land there to belonging they gave as a free gift to Caleb, according to the injunctions of Moses. This Caleb was one of the spies which Moses sent into the land of Canaan. They also gave land for habitation to the posterity of Jethro, the Midianite, who was the father-in-law to Moses; for they had left their own country, and followed them, and accompanied them in the wilderness.”

Yahweh Shalom


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Apr 28, 2016


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Nov 29, 2017
From seeing what happened during Noah's time, it was a dark age indeed. I can see why God wanted to cleanse the entire planet. It does look like some giants survived tho after the flood, for the bible does state that "there were giants during that time and afterwards". Reading the book of Enoch, I see more of the story, in details. I wonder tho, does the life span of a human changes with every pro-creating tho. Nvm, too many questions, not enough answers, thank you for your reply on my post.