Coronavirus and the end of the world?

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Senior Member
Jul 28, 2015
Coincidentally the month of February the theme of Bible Study has been the book of Revelations. The last 2 weeks my Pastor and my mom who led studies on this said that this disease is just another sign of the end times (the title of this page, you should agree with me as well) so EVERY Christian should take this seriously for that reason. And no my church is not some "liberal leaning brand of Christianity" we believe in the book of Revelations and I have been taught the last few years that the more chaos we see in the world, the closer it means the rapture is coming.


Senior Member
Dec 1, 2015
To begin its not the Book of ''Revelations'' its the Book of Revelation. You may think I'm being picky but this is a common mistake
people make. The whole book is one Revelation (unveiling) and opens with ''The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to show his servants things that must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by his angel to his servant John. KJV

I don't know if Corona is one of the last day plagues. One thing about it is certain and that is the world will be a different place when
its defeated I hope many people will stop taking life for granted and start to be kinder and more considerate towards each other than before. But that is probably to much to hope for.