Gone Fish'in By

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Oct 24, 2019
Matthew 4:19 KJV “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

I grew up in Newfoundland. Now when I was young all we did was fish. You learn something about fishing really quick let me tell ya! Not all fish like the same thing. So you can’t catch’em with the same stuff.

For example I would never use a jigger to try to catch a trout. Cod for sure yes, but not a trout. I would never use a lobster pot for a salmon. The same goes with bait. Different fish like diffent types of bait. Then, there is the season. Some fish just need to be caught at a certain time.

So you get the picture.

Now JESUS says HE would make HIS disciples fishers of men. We are fishers of men too, and the rules of fishing have not changed.

Some fish will not all be caught in the same way. While one part of the Gospel message will catch one person, another part will capture and lure someone else. That is just the nature of fishing! That does not mean there is anything wrong with the fish.

Some fish will be enticed by different bait. So for one it may be music, another a sermon, another a prayer group, etc. Some fish can only eat small meals, and pieces of bait, and are not equipped to digest buffets, and banquets. They can only function well in certain environments as well. A lobster would not due too well in a river. People are like that too so we have to remember to take take it slow, and not be too aggressive or to try to force feed the fish.

Finally, some fish can only be caught in specific times and seasons, and fish tend to move and are not stationary. But we have an instrument that helps called a “fish finder”. This “finder” is a great helper. Always let the Holy Spirit be your guide. HE is the best “fish finder” there is!

Just remember when da fishing is hard and dem wadders is not fit, just go rouse that fella in the backa da boat if yer in a real jam! (SAID in NEWFIE that I will never lose, LOL)

All Glory and Honour is Yours Almighty Father through your Son, JESUS CHRIST!