How can we have more and more beautiful and significant days?

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Feb 7, 2017
How can we have more and more beautiful and significant days?

  • “My son, forget not my law; but let your heart keep my commandments; for they shall add length of days, and long life, and peace to you. ” (Proverbs 3.1,2).

First of all, let’s work out what will be imparted to us if we comply with Creator’s law and commandments:

  • *Add length of days*: our days will be more profitable.
  • *Add long life*: there will be more days wherein Jesus will use us.
  • *Add peace*: we will be harmonized with the Creator for much more time, that is to say, feeling His presence and hearing His voice.

In order to inherit all this promises, we must:

  • *not forget Creator’s law* – the law was revealed in the Holy Scripture and we need to make it new in our mind,df hearing Jesus’ voice showing us how to carry out His laws.
  • *keep in our heart His commandments* – what the Creator says to us now, we need to practice so that we can always see and touch it (Exodus 13.16) and, thus, this can be retained in our heart.

Finally, have a week fraught of peace, long life and length of days hearing Jesus’ commandments in order to know how to vivify His law (2Corinthians 3.6) through its fulfillment and, thus, keep all this inside you.