I do ask many q's, yet 1 i used to ask was-

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Aug 12, 2013
I do ask many q's, yet 1 i used to ask was "if there is humans, how did humans get here? is there a creator? is there God who created us?" people say if something or someone exists, then there must be a way for it to be there by creation. Yet, later, i asked "if God created us, then for God to be there to create us, how did he exist? " then i found out he always was and always will be. There was no beginning for him. And as humans, when we think with time, we cant find an answer, yet, we dont "need" to know such a thing, yet we have to accept it. But for all this about evolution, big bang, etc. It makes much more sense to have an all powerful and perfect one somewhere who created everything, than to have creatures, planets, objects, etc that created us. heh. any comments? questions?