In Writing:

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Active member
Mar 3, 2019
To demonstrate a written topic, we must go with what is placed within our hearts. That is what I do. As many people say that I have my heart on the sleeve. However, this may be true in some areas. I do my best to be better than who I was years ago prier.
In respects to this statement, I do what I can to over come many obstacles. These obstacles come in line of Dyslexia. I was in Special Education for most of my school career. In around 2002, I read my first novel. Even though with that, I had a major migraine. In retrospect, I do not get anymore by reading.

Technology was my focal point within breaking free of the bondage of learning. Within this, I wrote my first small novel of One Hundred, and Sixteen pages in length. This aloud more walls to be broken down, for more advanced learning to begin.
The more I wrote, the more I opened up a new revenue of self worth. I then started writing Devotionals. I have quite a bit, over One Hundred written in a binder. My ministry partner/brother and I will be releasing these upon the future.
We have many plans for the ministry. This website? "wordpress link in profile" Could very well be one of these plans. Even if it is for my own knowledge, it is for the most and important part, for God.

I write what I feel that He puts within my heart. I feel a way that I feel because it is how I am made. I will not apologize for anything here, as I will not apologize to the ones at work that want to hurt others, over ignorance. However, we will not go there at this present time.
I like to write, that is who I am. It is who God made me to be. To bring glory unto Him who supplies every single need that we must have in our very lives. The reason why we do not have many things that we desire is?

It is because, it is either not in God’s will for us to have it. Plus it is not the “right” time. Things work around God’s time table. Not ours, not ever. Therefore, in life we can go years, and years praying and hoping until one day? It happens.
We must remember, even myself to keep God at the front of every single situation. God gave me the revenues of how to lean in my own way. It is up to me to use it for His glory instead of my very own.

Many times that we do not do things within His glory is because? Of how we still live in sin. If the result is sinful, then it is not for His glory, but for yourselves. That in essence makes us “all” pretty selfish.

Why should we be selfish when? God is “un”-selfish. He is not selfish by a long shot. Therefore, if He was then there would be no Salvation. There would be absolutely no sacrifices for us sinners. We would all die in our sins, and forever be in torment because of them.
It is because God is un-selfish is where we have this forgiveness for our very sins. So, to see a true homeless person and refuse to devote some of your precious time? That is selfish. Use your discernment that God gives to us freely upon request. Then you will know who truly needs a friend, and a helping hand.

A couple months back I took the notion to go on a walk one morning. I walked without getting tired. This was approx, two and a half miles at a steady pace. I saw a guy there holding a sign, with his dog there. I went up to him and started talking.
However, I gave him some information to help get him a job. What he done with it was up to him. I also gave him lunch, and water for his dog. However, regardless if this man was to use the resources with respect. That is not up to me to really judge. I had a tug at my heart, and I followed.
Like my story, we must always lend a helping hand no matter what the outcome is. Reason is, we do not even know if, and when we could be entertaining Angels.

-More are on my profile, website provided there.