Jesus and temptations

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Active member
Nov 28, 2018
Attacks from the devil.

When strange things happen and you wonder why you’re under attack don’t be surprised.

If you’re making headway with your relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit more than likely eventually the Devil will come at you through agents of Satan. Sometimes he will come at you through friends, family members or even your marriage partners.

Sometimes out of know where people will attack you and you wonder why?

Last night was talking to a long term friend I’ve know for years who has had a serious problem that is preventing him in living in God's will for his life. He has succumbed to temptations that have bound him up.

The devil doesn’t want to let him go. He didn’t like me talking to my friend last night and sent an agent of Satan to disturb the conversation. It was an aggressive verbal attack via a drunk and lost soul in a public place who overheard the conversation.

I knew what was going on straight away and didn’t bite into the attack. I kept my silence and left with my friend.

Things are bad news for my friend however its good news for me because I know that as I persist God is helping me be a beacon of light to a lost world and the devil doesn’t like it.
He wants to either get me hooked into making a mistake and falling into a temptation or hold those I reach out to pinned to the ground with no hope.

The battle for souls is on high ground. Be careful, wary and stay sharp. He will use vulnerable people, circumstances and weariness to attack and undo anything that’s been worked hard to achieve.

Pray, read your Bibles and practice regularly doing what the Bible says to do. Give your Body the rest is deserves and spend plenty of one on one time with God.

Don’t give the devil a chance.

Chris Dobson