KJV1Peter5;7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

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Senior Member
Dec 15, 2015
You say;Nobody loves me, Lord says;I love you(KJVJohn13;34 & John3;16); You say;I can't forgive myself, Lord say;I forgive you (KJVRomans 8;1 & 1John1;7); You say;I am always frustrated and worried, Lord say;Cast all you cares on me(KJV1Peter5;7); You say; Its impossible,Lord say;All things are possible(KJVLuke18;27); You say;I am afraid,Lord say;I have not given you the Spirit of Fear(KJV2Timothy1;7); You say; I don't have enough faith,Lord say I have given you a measure of faith(KJVRomans12;3); You say;I am so tired,Lord say;I'll give you a rest (KJVMattew11;28); You say;I can not go on,Lord says;My grace is sufficient(KJVPsalm91;15 & 2Corinthians12;9) You say;I I can not figure things out,Lord says;I will direct your steps (KJVProverbs3;5-6); You say;Its not worth it, Lord says; Its will be worth it (KJVRomans8;28) You say;I can not manage, Lord says; I will supply all your needs (KJV Philippians4;19);You say;I feel alone,Lord says;I will never live you or forsake you (KJVHebrews13;5)