Let's rely only on what belongs to Jesus (20/11)

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Feb 7, 2017
Let's rely only on what belongs to Jesus

  • “O fear Jehovah, His holy ones; for there is nothing lacking to those who fear Him. The young lions lack, and suffer hunger; but those who seek Jehovah shall not lack any good thing.” (Psalms 34.9-10).
We are very expeditious in doing and amassing things. But it isn’t in vain that the Holy Scripture warns us against the avarice (Matthew 6.19-21,24; 1Timothy 6.7-11; Luke 12.15-21): because a nimble thief may deprive us from the wealth. Paul said:

  • “But this I say, brothers, The time is short. It remains that both those who have wives should be as not having one. And they who weep are as though they did not weep. And they who rejoice are as though they did not rejoice. And they who buy are as though they did not possess. And they who use this world are as not abusing it, for the fashion of this world is passing away.” (1Cor 7.29-31).

So, if you were bereaved of something, be thankful to Jesus: He only take away what make our life shareable (Hebrews 12.25-27). The good and perfect gift come from Jesus (James 1.16,17) in abundance (Luke 6.38) and never fail.

So, when it comes up of something go wrong in our lives, let’s rejoice in Jesus (Phil 4.4). The faster something get wrong, the lesser is our harm. It’s a great tragedy when we hang on something, set up this one and, when the work is done, all falls down, as happened with the constructor that built his house upon the sand (Matthew 7.24-27).

So, have a very impressive day, always fraught of gratitude to Jesus, certain of that if you lost something good, something else better is arriving.