Me, Myself, and of course I:

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Active member
Mar 3, 2019
We were all brought into this world for one thing. Fellowship.
To fellowship with each other, and with God.
With fellowship we are to love each other as God loves us.
We should never look at the person through the outward ways.
We should look at their soul, because this is where God's love shines.

I have always been the one to take my shirt off for someone. I have been bullied, ridiculed, even hated to where my brother said that he wish I would die. A couple times I even wished that I would. I grew up without a dad in my life. However, I have said time, and time again that my family is in Heaven, and not on Earth. I do not care what people think about me really, that is because what God says is the only thing that should matter.

Yes jealousy roams to high degrees at work against me. However, I still truck along and enjoy my night making people laugh. I am a go getter if you will. Someone who has High standards in my own self worth. Even when many refuse to promote me, even when I deserve it. I know my treasures are in Heaven, where they truly should be anyway.

Many supervisors care about that bonus at the end of the year. That is why I am ran up the mill every night, as others sit there, and watch. I would do anything for anyone, even give them a free pizza, just to make something fun. I make a contest and who wins, gets it. Dang, I even give free sodas to just about anyone for a job well done.

In realism to this, I work to the best of my ability. In which I have asked God to help me do.

One guy was working so hard, he was sweating bullets, even in the refrigerated plant. I was in my promotion stage to be a trainer. I really did not care about anything except to make sure he had something to drink. I told him to go get a soda and gave him the money for it. Even though he shows resentment to me at times, deep down I would still buy him a drink.

A person passed away that worked in his area, he was really down and out about it. I seen him walk to where the wet dock is and asked him if he was ok. Gave him a fist bump and said if there is anything you need, let me know.

I am not gloating, this is just a testimony of who I am inside.

What my heart says, and who I am seen to be.

IF you want to know more, my blog is in my profile. It has a lot more of my writings, and a lot more information.