Old Fashioned

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"just one more time" he said,
My reply:

well, if this is important to you,
then why don't you run to me?
When I see you at my door,
and we are face to face,
then I'll give you my life time.

Old Fashioned.
It's a small condition,
and an even smaller price to pay,
for the bigger one I know I will
have to pay every day.

All the cruelty, all the hatred,
all the threats, all the abuse,
all the disrespect of my belief,
and culture, and of me,
all your cheating,
all of this coming from you,
There were times you even told me
how I was going to die.

I want to be with someone I will
be married to, and live the rest of my life with,
I don't want to mess around,
I would like to honor God, at least
with this small effort in my life.
I want something serious.

If that is what you want too,
then run, and do the right thing,
the honorable thing,
and i won't ask for anything,
because I know you refuse to have,
anything else to offer.

Asking for more would be too much
to ask of you,
maybe it will be enough knowing
you did this one thing for me,

Otherwise, I don't know what to say.
I don't want to hurt you,
or leave you crushed.

It's always about you,
and you getting your way,
your selfish and you only think about you,
but that's the way of the world I guess.


My grammar screw ups count down *Frustrations*:

1. *You're = your selfish

Crap. Oh well...



You said I betrayed you,
but I haven't dated anyone,
not yet anyway,
I'm just coming out of my shell,
talking to other guys is not betraying you,
we aren't even married.
As far as I'm concerned
"We" haven't even happened yet.

You got to date and be with
who you wanted,
but I can't?

I don't want to be alone
the rest of my life waiting for
Nothing to happen.
Just so you can feel good about you.

give me a reason
to be alone, to wait for you,
because it hurts,
and it's lonely.

I'm gonna talk to who I want,
and I'm going to move on.
It's going to happen
for me whether you
like it or not.

I don't belong to you.


Well-known member
Nov 24, 2018
Omg i love these poems!!! Love the poetry world!! Thankyou so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Omg i love these poems!!! Love the poetry world!! Thankyou so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️
these are Terrible poems haha the closest they come to poetry is the outline lol, but I really appreciate you're kindness. Thankyou 🙂❤