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Junior Member
Mar 31, 2018
You know.. It's been eleven years now,
the same heartache has never changed.
I could never prove that I love you,
save for that never ending but gentle pain,
and fiery embrace and your visitation dreams.
It feels like you want something from me,
that you want to keep me close in your life,
but if you really have love in your heart for me,
I do not know.

I had a dream, where you had a son,
and a wife. I think. It made me feel sad yet,
at the same time, I always want to do the right thing,
so again I let you go, every time I thought you could be happy.
Then I had another dream,
where you came to my house and visited me,
and my family, but I even then I never trusted you.
Your sound had demonic evil in it,
and I don't know what that means,
but hopefully, you've changed. Not that
I could ever tell you what to do..

Nothing is as simple as love,
nor as friendly as a romantic dream,
that stirs and pulls at young girls heartstrings,
but we know better than that.
No, there is another reason,
I know enough about you,
that you were never so kind.

If you want to talk to me, then talk,
here or privately.
I will not run away into the sharks mouth,
so stupidly.
Just tell me what it is you want.