Respect is What:

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Active member
Mar 3, 2019
Respect is handled in the same line of self-worth. In this it is up to us to show respect, or not show respect. To show respect is to show your heart to everyone.

If you refuse to show your heart? Then whatelse is there. A word with no heart, is a dull statement. That is why God's word was written from His very heart.

In His word, there is no dull moments. It is all about true love for you, and for me. That is what He wanted us to do in the first place right?

To put our feet in abother person's shoes, feel the way they do. Then change your focus, and your love for every single person. Exactly what He had done on The Cross. The exact same thing.

We must keep that in mind when we see someone suffering. How would we feel in this same situation? How would we want people to percieve us as brothers in Christ.