The Life of Henderson:

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Mar 3, 2019
To change a life is to change yourself. For people can see the change within you just by looking into your eyes. The eyes are the source of the soul to where God expresses His true love. True love is defined not only by emotion, but by also by the love He expressed on the cross.

Henderson never expressed true love before in his life. This is because of all the neglect he relieved, even after birth. They say you can not remember the years for when you were an infant. However, for Henderson that was a lie. He remembered everything from day twelve, to day sixteen when his very mom ran away with him in her arms.

In respects to his emotion he always felt as if he could never be right for anyone. He felt the way he was born, and brought up lead to his unhappiness. This is in realism that he never felt true compassion from another person. These emotions he felt were only for those who had the smarts to do things their way.
An understanding comes over Henderson, as he pushes the shovel back into the ground to till his garden. His eyes brows grew closer together as he tried to piece the images in his head together. Not knowing the way, or knowing how but to figure out the broken pieces of his past.

Having Autism never really fazed him, it was the puzzles that left him stranded like a wounded calf on the side of the freeway. He could not fathom the thought any longer to where his mind ached. He started to dig more, a lot faster than before. The trade his mom taught him, the only thing she ever taught him.
She would say, “if you see yourself in a pickle, dig a hole. Dig is to your full advantage to where that hole can be filled with happiness from every piece of muscle that you gain from it.” His mom was not always the greatest, however when she was off the drugs, and alcohol she was very kind and sweet. She embraced him when he was ten when he broke his leg. This situation happened when he was dared to get on the ferris wheel, and dangle his legs to the side of the car, instead of the bottom where they would be safe.

He cried for the attention to get the gigantic wheel to stop, however it would not stop. It seemed it would speed up with every cry for help. As the wheel stopped, he was noticed by one of the carnies and carried off to the medic. This is where the ambulance came to his aid, then took him off for an x-ray.
His mom was no where to be found. She never wanted to be found, not now. Not ever. She wanted freedom from everything, it was the worst mistake she has ever made. Now, this is why.

Henderson enjoyed everything to where he showed God’s love for everyone flawlessly. This kind of love can be found very rare, even when there is indifference in the world. When people would pick on Henderson, he would smile at them and say to them, Have a Blessed Day.
It was all he could say, even the smile with his crooked teeth where genuine. They never knew why he would not fight back, He simply would just lay there smiling up at them saying, “God Loves You, and So Do I.”

The reason why she would have regretted not being in his life, is because she felt like she failed as a mother. She felt as if she could do no better. That is why she ran when the ambulance was called. She felt like a failure. Even more so, when she could not provide more than a month at a time.

The depression got to her so bad, about losing her only son that she was committed into the hospital. She would have stayed there for twelve years this time, for she has been in and out of these places since childhood. Depression has a bad way to take a tole on someone, even when they suffer from abuse.
One day without her knowing, he came to visit her. She asked for the reception to not allow anyone to come in to see her. However, being as it was her only son they made an exception. She was laying down on her bed, with her face facing the wall. She was curled up in a ball not wanting to even eat.

Henderson pulled a chair up to her bed silently. Thinking she was sleeping, he placed his hand on her shoulder. Then he cried, “I love you mama, I am now strong and faithful. I forgive you for not being there for me. It took me awhile, but I have found you. You mama, your words to dig a hole so big will make me strong, kept me going. I love you mama, I love you.”

His tears strolled down from his eyes, as he went to get up and leave. “Henderson? Henderson? Is that you?” She would say with a faint whisper from her dry lips. “Oh how I longed for the day to say I am so sorry for leaving you.”
He stopped, when his heart hit the floor. He grabbed for her hand slowly, thinking she may break if he moved too fast. “Mama, I forgive you. Please come home with me this very day, let me please take care of you.”

His mama started to shake from anxiety, “all I know boy is this room. How can I function on the outside? Even after what I have done to you?” He held her close to him as he stroked her hair, “no matter what mama, you are welcome at my home no matter the past. Please come home and we will work through this together.”
She started to cry in her son’s shoulder, she shook her head as she mumbled. “Ok Henderson, whatever you want. I will come home.”
The fist couple of nights where tragic, she woke up screaming as he would run to her aid to help calm her down. She loved the ranch her son now owned, he even named a very special horse after her.
She was her favorite.

With respects to the children, and adults living with autism. Know this, it is what you have, it does not have you. God loves you just the way you are. You express his true love by the way you truly are on the inside. You are special in His eyes, as we all are.

God Bless