What are crowning our head? (Part 1).

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Feb 7, 2017
What are crowning our head? (Part 1).

A crown is used to protect the head or to appoint as a king.

Thinking on the side of protection, the first protection for the head is the savvy of the Creator, which crowns us with His glory:

  • “Get wisdom, get understanding; forget not; nor turn away from the words of my mouth. She shall give to your hand an ornament of grace; she shall shield you with a *crown of glory*.” (Proverbs 4.5,9).

The second protection is “loving-kindness and mercies”:

  • “who redeems your life from ruin; who crowns you with *loving-kindness and tender mercies*;” (Psa 103:4)

The third protection is the old age when the person stays in righteousness:

  • “The *gray head* is a crown of glory, if it is found in the *way of righteousness*.” (Pro 16:31).

The fourth protection is the people that is the hands of the Creator:

  • “You also will be a *crown of glory* in the hand of Jehovah, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.” (Isa 62:3)
  • “For what is our hope or joy, or *crown of rejoicing*? Are you not even to be in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at His coming? For you are our glory and joy.” (1Th 2:19,20).

The fifth protection is the salvation (Ephesians 5.17):

  • “But let us, who are of the day, be calm, having put on the breastplate of faith and love and the *hope of salvation for a helmet.*” (1Thessalonians 5.8).

May Jesus protect your head today and forever. Tomorrow we will continue.