What do we want to live for?

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Feb 7, 2017
What do we want to live for?

  • “I called for my lovers, but they deceived me; my priests and my elders expired in the city while they sought food for them to bring back their life. ” (Lamentations 1.19).

Many people can’t find a point for their life. They don't wish to live, but they fear to die.

In Jerusalem, the priests and elders were conning people with regard to the Creator and the Holy Scripture. How is doleful when the person:

  • isn’t able to do anything good;
  • is shanghaied, by his loathsome desires, to do the evil;
  • can’t receive nor practice the good, pleasure and perfect will of Jesus (Philippians 16.20,21; Romans 12.2);
  • can’t fit to the Peace that the Eternal created especially for him;
  • can’t find room within him to Jesus and His truth and love (Psalms 32.4,5).

The oly reason for us to be in this world is to glisten the wisdom and perfection of the Word of Jesus, that is to say, of all that He is.

So, if you crave for meaningful days, instead of trying to buy your life with your toil, simply receive it freely and unstintingly from Jesus (Revelation 22.17; John 4.14; John 7.37-39) and live it, loving your neighbor as Jesus loved and love you. Make difference where you are.