Wherein are we put our hope?

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Feb 7, 2017
Wherein are we put our hope?

  • “They hear that I sigh; there is none to comfort me. All my enemies have heard my evil; they are glad that You have done it. You will bring the day that You have called, and they shall be like me.” (Lamentations 1.21).

Many times Ha-Satan knows that we are about to procure a boon from Jesus and, as he works out how jeopardy is this for him and his intents, he does everything in his power to drive away our eyes from Jesus and His promises (see 1Cor 2.9; Eph 3.20).

When this comes about, we forget that He is in control of all things (Psalms 24.1; Matthew 28.18; 1Corinthians 15.27; Ephesians 1.10,22), that everything is for the good of those who loves Jesus (Romans 8.28) and that, if we pray to Jesus a prayer the shows our trust on Him and His will for us (instead of praying with incredulity), we will receive what we ask (Mark 11.24).

And the worst: instead of running after the richness of the glory of Christ (Philippians 4.19), we start to pray in order to bring Jesus around our yearning of seeing our foe to be utterly ruined (that is, try to make the Lamb get angry – see Revelation 6.17).

I know that in the age of the law this type of thought was common. But now, Jesus vouchsafe us superior promises (Hebrews 8.6), to wit:

  • To be strengthened through the tribulations, so that we can be more than conqueror (Romans 8.37) and source of solace to revitalize who are undergoing some predicament (2Corinthians 1.3-5; 1Peter 5.8,9);
  • To procure the privilege of unveiling the glory of Jesus to everyone (Romans 8.18; 2Corinthians 3.18; 4.16-18);
  • To gain as inheritance those who previously kept a feud against us (1Peter 3.8,9).

So, keep your eyes at Jesus (Hebrews 12.2) and have a grandiose day letting Jesus, that began His faith in you, to consummate it until His coming (Philippians 1.6):

  • “But the God of all grace, He calling us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a little, He will perfect, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” (1Peter 5.10).