Why and how to pray?

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Feb 7, 2017
Why and how to pray?

When we have a necessity or desire (for example, in the sexual area), we have the propensity of try to sort out this using the resources of the flesh.

  • *“And now hear me, O sons, and do not depart from the words of my mouth. Remove your ways far from her [the strange woman], and do not come near the door of her house,” (Proverbs 5.7,8)* – What it was written in brackets was added in order to make easy the understanding.

Nonetheless, the order is, not only to shun the evil, but even from the appearance of the evil (1Thessalonians 5.22).

We don’t need to cadge the favor of the world. As said James, we don’t have because we don’t ask (James 4.2).

Perhaps you can question: but why do we need to plead to Jesus if He know what we need better than us?

At first place, we need to find out our real necessity. Most of the times we cheat ourselves with the thought that Jesus don’t afford our needs.

He always does! The problem is that we turn down everything that turn us off. Nevertheless, if we were able to see the greatness of the spiritual delight (see in Acts 5.40,41; 16.23-25), we wouldn’t mind with the handicaps put to strengthen us in order to able us for the best of Jesus for us.

Besides, when we pray, we show to Christ that we accept His intervention in our lives. If Jesus always acted without our prayer, He seemed authoritarian.

And when we pray, let us pray for great things. Many times we pray with incredulity, as if our Heavenly Father was mean. If you are praying in according to Jesus’ will, you can welcome the throne of the grace fearlessly (Hebrews 4.16). Only it prays for petty things those who are praying bad, to spend it upon their lusts (James 4.3).

Can you believe: if you pray for small things, you will not receive, because what Jesus have for you is very great, major than yourself and what your mind can imagine (Habakkuk 3.19; 1Cor 2.9; Eph 3.20). It’s suffice to think in the New Jerusalem.

Have a good day in Christ musing on this.