Why Jesus should answer us if we even not pray or meditate on His Word? (24/11)

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Feb 7, 2017
Why Jesus should answer us if we even not pray or meditate on His Word?

  • “Why do You forget us forever and forsake us the length of days? Return us to You, O Jehovah, and we will turn; renew our days as of old, unless You have utterly rejected us; You are very angry against us.” (Lamentations 5.20-22).

When we are in trouble, our thought is that Jesus walked away from us. However, and what about us? How many days we pass without praying, meditating on the Holy Scripture, etc.? These things slip most of the people’s mind for days, months, perhaps years and they get in a huff when they need of Jesus and they don’t hear His voice.

But how can we hear His voice if we don’t invest time to learn how “syntonize” the frequency of His voice? And the worst is that most of the people feel given out after a few minutes of prayer and end up giving themselves over to sorrow.

No! The corrections of Jesus is a proof that He didn’t leave us behind. On the contrary: He is making us return to Him so that we can get along with Him forever. The problem is that we desire to live for ourselves and most of the time we only seek Him as Job before the probation: to get rid of the predicaments:

  • “For the thing which I greatly feared has come upon me, and that which I was afraid of has come to me. I was not in safety, nor did I have rest, nor was I quiet; yet trouble comes.” (Job 3.25,26).

So, let’s allow the following idea sink in our mind: our true problems isn’t our problems (or at least what we call "problems"), but our indisposition to give in to Jesus. Think carefully about this and have a stupendous week in Christ Jesus.