Calling All Goofballs!

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Yes it has arrived, it is time to show your goofy side!! Comeon one and all lone right up and SHOW us how goofy you can be!!!

It is too serious in these forms, it is time to let it loose!!!!!

God is still the same yesterday today and forevet. There is always time for fellowship, but now is the time to be true fellowshippers without all the lectures.

Let us all come togethet and show our goofy side!!!

No i never said to forget who God is lol i would not ever do that. I simply said get loose and be goofy and relax a while and lets........





Here is the thing, God made you right? Then HE PUt himself inside pf each and every one of you.

He put His emotions inside of you if He did NOT want you to cry or be happy with emotion then He would not have put HIMSELF in you!

Jesus Wept did He not?? Emotions are NOT a human thing they are a Godly thing because God gave them to you because it is how He is!!

I mean dang


Well-known member
Jun 17, 2018
JB you certainly know how to let loose with the typographical errors.


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
God has given us our very own emotions when we are born into this satanic world -
when He calls us OUT of this wicked world, He free gifts us with the ability to feel
what He feels, and this is an Holy gift, for this is how we begin to Love others
as He loves us, and this is how we begin to grow and live/walk in His Holy Light...


JB you certainly know how to let loose with the typographical errors.
SMall phones always have that problem lol its where i type and it dont want to keep up. But its cool lol


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Dec 10, 2018
This weekend I saw my cat near his litter tray snooping around.
I put a breath of air in a paper bag I had and popped it nearby...the cat jumped, and ran.
I found him a couple of minutes later sitting in the bath tub...