Cheating Husband

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I need advice on what I should do about my husband. He told me he has been seeing another women. This has been going on for 16 months. He said he has stopped seeing her now. He began getting migrated with me before this started and he would verably abuse me. I would get hurt feelings and not talk to him fo r awhile. I was trying not to make things worse so I would just keep quiet. He took it that I didn't want to be married to him anymore. He did this for years and finally the last time he said that to me, I said to him that I have tried everything I could to get along with him but, nothing I did satisfied him and I told him, I didn't have anything else to give. He took that I didn't want to be married to him so he started talking to this other women. He said there was no sex involved that they only talked on The phone and they went out to lunch one time and she stopped by the office one time when I was not there and they talked for a long time and she kissed him when she was leaving. He said they onle kissed and hugged a total of 3 times the whole 16 months, the rest of the time they only talked on the phone.


Senior Member
Jan 21, 2011
Talk to him and try to get things worked out. A relationship can be fixed if both are willing to try. A marriage counselor may be able to help get the communication going. Don't be afraid to talk about hard things! If problems are left unresolved, they will fester.

Praying for you and your husband that the Spirit will enter your lives with love and guidance for you both.
Feb 6, 2013
I am so sorry for what you're going through. I understand and have been in a similar position. The pain of betrayal and the crushing of the spirit cannot be accurately put into words... not to mention the crumbling of trust that may not ever again be there to the same extent. The only thing that can help on a human level in my experience is communication and COMPLETE honesty on both parts... Laying every card on the table. God alone is the only One who can mend the heart. You'll have to ask yourself what you want to do. If you love him... If you want this to work out... If you care about him... Love can make people stick it out even when someone has given you every reason to walk away. I've prayed for you and hope that God will heal your hurting heart in time. You are worth being loved and no one has the right to abuse or trample someone else. I pray God grants you peace, friend.