Gay wedding

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Active member
Jul 11, 2019
I am surprised and please that the overall opinion in this forum is that same sex marriage is sin. At least we are all acknowledging that the Bible teaches against the gay lifestyle. I know certain churches are beginning to accept this, and many Christian individuals go along with what is politically correct. But God and His Word will never change, what was sin hundreds of years ago is still sin. We don't need to change with the times. That being said, I have no family or friends who are gay, and have met very few gays, so I have not had to deal with the issue. When I meet any person, I am polite, kind, and respectful, no matter who or what they may be. We all have sin in our lives, and none of us should judge. However, if I were asked by gays, or if I learned someone near to me was gay, I would gently and lovingly let them know my beliefs on the matter, and if I were invited to a gay wedding, I would have to decline. That doesn't mean I hate the person, I just hate the sin. If I knew someone was a thief or a killer, I would also decline invitations from them. God's children are supposed to separate themselves from sin. Yes, we are also to go out into all the world and teach God's word. Telling someone what the Bible says about their sin should at least plant the seed, but if we follow it up with poor treatment, that seed will never grow. Love them and pray for them.
Right on, Rose .. as for the thief, I might treat him/her better IF he/she shared the loot with me .. lol .. j/k .. a sin is a sin is a sin whether mine or another's and we must react to such as God Wills us to do .. love the sinner, hate the sin