I'm wanting to pick a man's brain on a subject

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Jul 9, 2020
There is an abundance of books and websites and blogs out there on this subject, and along with them countless studies/surveys saying the same, or very similar things, and usually they are done/given with a list of answer choices for the men doing them to pick from/answer.
And yes, sometimes those books that have presented such info can be helpful, but I'd really like to hear from real men (not case studies)
(and no, I'm not doing any survey/studies with this, I just genuinely want to know mens views)
I'm writing this with married men in mind, but singles feel free to answer too.
Please explain, not just with one or two word answers.

  • What are issues/areas in a man's life that he wants his wife to pray about?
  • Often we hear about respecting husbands, as this is mentioned in Ephesians 5. WHAT/HOW does that look to a man?

I know I had some other questions, but as I am typing this they have escaped me.
I'll come back and ask as (if) I remember.

Thanks for reading and adding input.
I'd want my wife (or anyone really) to pray for me to make good decisions in how I lead my family. I also ask her to pray that I overcome fears and obstacles that stand in the way of whatever it is we're trying to accomplish as a family.

What does respect from a wife look like? I'm just going to tell you a little story... My wife was with her married buddies in a mall (lol..this was a long time ago). Anyway they passed a store that had a crass t-shirt on display. The t-shirt made fun of men's sexual skills. All her buddies laughed at the shirt. But my wife pretended not to understand. She just played dumb and acted like this concept was just totally foreign to her. And all her buddies then said "Wow! You're so lucky to be married to surfer14!" She never let on. She just always is on the lookout for an opportunity to make me look great in front of others.
Both mates need to pray to quickly learn and do the things needed to: live a real Christian life and teach kids how to live right. That is if you/the person totally believes in fully following God. Our lives are deficient because we have not learned and/or do not do these things.