Prayer Request

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Feb 10, 2019
I have been working from home for some time now, but it's now time to begin looking for another WAH position. Please join me in praying for a position to that is God appointed in which I can remain at home (health reasons) and contribute to our family's income. Thank you in advance for your prayers.
Oct 25, 2017
Father God I pray for AlwaysforHim please guide her as she continues on this job hunting journey to work at home. Please grant her a work soon so that she can contribute an additional income for her family. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer in Jesus name! Amen ❤


Well-known member
Dec 10, 2018
I'm with ya here. I may be in the same boat if a couple of years, so this hits home.
Pray I will!!


Well-known member
Jan 10, 2019
Dear heavenly Lord, please help AlwaysForHim to be healed. May he (or she?) be able to help with finances by working from home. Thank you Lord.
Feb 10, 2019
Our Gracious Heavenly Father, thank you for your love that you show me daily, and for bringing me to this site. I pray for guidance and direction for a position for home that's appointed in your timing for Homewardbound, myself and others who are facing similar situations. I will trust you for your guiding hand to lead and direct my path. In the beautiful name of Jesus, amen.

Thank you all for joining me in prayer.


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Feb 9, 2019
"Lord, I pray of Your will 'to be'. Allow the 'light' of inspiration, and wisdom to
touch the life that comes forth with hope of new things and guide and direct their
attitude and behavior in the right path."
'In Jesus name...'Amen'
'Praise God'